I'm a hip hop minded adrenaline junkie who is passionate about capturing memories with images; photography, videography, professionally and in my personal life. Most clients describe me as energetic, enthusiastic and creative, and those who have spent enough time with me might also say I am a bit crazy, but in a good way of course! Crazy about what I do and going above and beyond to get the perfect shot, the perfect angle, crazy about getting it just right.

I started my journey shooting and filming bboys, making music video clips and over the years transitioned to weddings and destination weddings. I decided to take a new direction and combine my love for photography and my passion for fitness and martial arts to move into Fighter and Fitness Photography. I want to capture the behind the scenes... during the training: the sweat, hard work and emotion that goes into that. I love sitting in on training sessions and let the trainers and athletes do what they do and capture the candid moments that people don't always see. What it's really about. 

If you're interested in speaking more about working together, shoot me a message, email or give me a call. I would love to chat further about what I can do for you. 

Creativity and Passion - that's what I'm all about!